Jr. Lifeguard Certificate Holders

Jr. Lifeguard Certificate Holders

About Jr. Lifeguard Frames

We believe your child’s achievement in Jr. Lifeguards is a major stepping stone in the long-term development of their character and ethics, and these lessons will be with them for life. This Jr. Lifeguard has taught them important life skills such as:

  • Confidence and fulfillment
  • Discipline and self-reliance
  • Perseverance and goal setting
  • Teamwork and leadership
  • Water safety skills
  • Physical strength and agility
  • First aid and lifesaving skills
We pride ourselves in providing you with high quality frames to hold your child’s Jr. Lifeguard Certificate of Achievement.

We are a local Orange County company that supports our community and provides hand crafted frames proudly made in the USA.

Owners’ Bios

Kip Kennedy
Sales & Marketing Representative

Kip Kennedy has been an Ocean Lifeguard for over 40 years. He started his Lifeguard career as an Ocean Lifeguard at the prestigious Outrigger Canoe Club in Honolulu Hawaii and worked as a lifeguard at the Outrigger Beach Services for many years and then took the Honolulu City & County Lifeguard Test and became a City and County of Honolulu Ocean Safety Life Guard working mostly at one of the roughest beaches to Lifeguard in Hawaii, Sandy Beach on Oahu through the 1970’s. The motto from that Life Guarding era in Hawaii is referred to as “Wooden Towers Iron Men”. Upon returning to California Kip started his career in the Escrow and Title Industry of in which he still works today as a sales representative for Coast to Coast Commercial Escrow Company located in Irvine California. As well as maintaining his Lifeguard Career where he worked for the following Life Guard Agencies, Lake Mission Viejo Lifeguard Department, Mission Viejo. The Portuguese Bend Lifeguard Services in Rancho Palos Verdes CA and also at the Laguna Beach City Pool, Laguna Beach CA. For over 12 years Kip has worked and continues to work as a Seasonal Ocean Lifeguard for the Laguna Beach Marine Safety Department in Laguna Beach California. Kip expressed that he has always enjoyed the Life Guard profession and has always had “Pride of the Patch” for whatever agency that he’s worked for over the many years of his Life Guarding Career. Kip is spearheading our sales department at Jr. Lifeguard Frames, Inc.

Tom Kent
Production Manager

Tom Kent was born and raised in Huntington Beach, California. Tom was a Huntington Beach City Junior Lifeguard for 5 years. He started out in the art and framing business working as a production manager for his brother’s business “Michael Kent Art Studios”, from there Tom went on to work as a Sales Representative for University Gallery in Costa Mesa CA. Later on he started his own business in 1994, called Diploma Art, which provided diploma and certificate frames for Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, Colleges and Universities throughout the U.S. Tom currently leads the Production department for Jr. Lifeguard Frames, Inc.

Brian Lynch

Brian Lynch is the founder and president of a successful software development company, Advantage Systems, in Irvine, CA. The company is a leading provider of accounting and contract management tools for the mortgage banking and real estate development industries. Brian Lynch invested in Jrguardframes.com based on the passion exhibited by Kip Kennedy and Tom Kent about this product. Both Kip and Tom had been involved in lifeguarding and in JR Guard programs for years and understood the level of work and dedication required for each individual who successfully completes the program.
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