Jr. Lifeguard Certificate Holders

Jr. Lifeguard Certificate Holders


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Woody is the iconic Jr. Life Guard. Woody can’t wait for school season to end so that the Jr. Guard season can begin at his local beach. Woody excels in all the Jr. Guard activities. Buoy swims, beach runs, paddle board races, flags etc.
Woody is also one of the top shredders at his local surf breaks and is also a standout at the skate park and is sponsored by a local surf shop. Woody excels in school and is a stand out water polo player and plans to go to a top university on a full water polo scholarship.

Safety Tips

  1. Learn to Swim
  2. Swim Near a Lifeguard
  3. Swim With a Buddy
  4. Check with the Lifeguards
  5. Use Sunscreen and Drink water
  6. Obey Posted Signs and Flags
  7. Keep the Beach and Water Clean
  8. Learn Rip Current Safety
  9. Enter the Water Feet First
  10. Lifeguards are your Friend!
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Every Jr. Life Guard group has a girl like Sandy in it. She is one of the top swimmers at her school, is on the swim team and can’t wait for school to end and Junior Guards to start so she can compete in all the Jr. Guard activities.
Sandy excels in school and her goal is to get a full ride swim scholarship to a top university. You probably have a Sandy in your Jr. Guard group.
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