Jr. Lifeguard Certificate Holders

Jr. Lifeguard Certificate Holders


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What a great way for youngsters to validate their Jr. Guard experience. As a former L.A. County JG instructor for several decades, I still meet kids, now adults, who say their years as a JG were the best summers of their lives. This plaque will always allow them to revisit those great memories.

- Chick McIlroy

The customized frames with the Jr. lifeguard certificate of completion is a great concept signifying the accomplishment of 6 weeks of intensive aquatic skills. Much like a grammar or middle school diploma, such awards are a means to outwardly display the achievements of a child’s accomplishments and motivate them to do bigger and better things. Being a Jr. lifeguard is a big deal to young people. I always tell them, “The life you might save someday, may be your own.”

- John Matesich, L.A. County Lifeguard (Ret.)
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